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Have you invested in ICOs before?

Why do 90% of ICOs not succeed?

Because barely 3% of companies are ready for Sales

Is MEDoctor an MVP-Plus? And what is MVP+?

It's an MVP with Sales

MEDoctor already has sales with its MVP

No worries, we are selling already

People are increasingly choosing to speak to online doctors by video

The telehealth market is growing quite rapidly (USA and rest of world)

a good portion of the people accept the idea of doing telehealth. This is valid in particular when the waiting is longer.

MEDoctor now has a powerful and proven business model in that direction

MEDoctor's competition does not benefit of such artificial intelligence, leading the patient to the doctor in a smart manner
The competition has thereby much higher marketing costs to reach their patients

Problems MEDoctor solves

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The average waiting time to see a general practitioner is 17 days
With Telehealth: Immediate
The average distance to travel to the doctor is 13.8 km / 8.6 miles
With Telehealth: Zero
When the distance is above 32 km / 20 miles, the patient hesitates to go and consult
The average cost to see a general practitioner (in the USA) is $119 USD for a visit
Average cost for Telehealth: $55 USD
The availability of a general practitioner is during office hours
With Telehealth: 24/7
Now you understand better why people increasingly choose Telehealth!

First, let's have a look at the token in 1 minute

(This video explains how to buy the MTEL Token)


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