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It all starts with 7 Billion Patients

Yes, 7 billion people throughout the world can use MEDoctor. All you need is an Internet connection.

Join www.MEDoctor.com's Endeavour

Everyone can now be part of MEDoctor's core business with 50 US$ to 50'000 US$

MEDoctor is Patented

MEDoctor is Patented and by building out its medical record on the blockchain. This will be central to all our future developments.

View our video and understand our business in 2:30 minutes

MEDoctor's Artificial Intelligence is Operational today

What is an MVP+ ? It is an MVP with Sales

You can Test it Now on your Own Symptoms

The telehealth market is growing quite rapidly (USA and rest of world)

One of Three Medical visits is forecast to be by Video, for a huge potential of 300 Million visits per year in the USA alone

A good portion of the people accept the idea of doing telehealth visits, in particular when the waiting time is long

MEDoctor now has a powerful and proven business model in that direction

The patient comes to MEDoctor.com, then runs the AI with his symptoms, gets a result and speaks to a doctor by video

And all his data is stored on his BlockChain personal health record.

MEDoctor's competition does not benefit of an artificial intelligence

MEDoctor's competition does not have a BlockChain Personal Health Record

MEDoctor's Technology

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Anyone worldwide with internet access can get an accurate diagnosis for their ailment. And it's free.

(if you are ill, or if anyone you know is ill, click on the smartphone)


The patient is asked several symptom questions by the MEDoctor system.


The patient receives his free health assessment by artificial intelligence. This will always be free, worldwide.


The Artificial Intelligence having done its job, the patient can speak to an Online Doctor via video on his smartphone. (The patient's interface)


And here is the huge difference. The online doctor receives all the patient's data as the patient connects with him. This will allow for a much more accurate health assessment by the doctor. (The Doctor's Interface).


The doctor then can provide the patient with his prescription, if needed.


And, in the process, every patient can store all his health data on his Blockchain Personal Health Record.


At all times the patient can retrieve all his health data from his Blockchain Personal Health Record.

Finally something great and free for all people
A first level of healthcare for everyone. And a personal health record for all. And it's free!
Even in the remote areas of the world
We believe this is a great #ReturnOnSociety

STO Management Team

Artificial Intelligence Management Team

Team has a proven track record of raising several million US Dollars for MEDoctor, making the Artificial Intelligence operational and patented.

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